Now that the boys are getting older and I have more time to sit and concentrate I was able to spend a lot of time on seed ordering this year.  I'm super excited to be growing everything from the oldest known beet (the variety dates back 1000 years!) to rare chocolate sweet peas to a cute little green Korean eggplant called 'Kermit'. 

I have started a ton of seedlings in the greenhouse and there is no way in HELL I'll plant them all so I'm putting them up for sale!  I grow everything organically and most of these will be available in soil blocks or CowPots which means no plastic and less transplant shock. I don't have the greenhouse space to grow extras of everything so this year I focused mostly on tomatoes and peppers which EVERYONE SHOULD BE GROWING FOR THEMSELVES YOU CAN DO IT IN A POT IF YOU HAVE TO.  If this sale goes well, next year I'll have a wider variety.

To all of my Southern friends and family I wish I could share these with you!  Try and track some down for yourselves at plant sales and farmers markets.

Please email if you are interested in reserving any.  They will be available for pick-up at my house in Monkton late May.

Any photos that aren't mine are thanks to Johnny's Select Seeds and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds where the seed was purchased.




 Tomato Pozzano  These are roma style tomatoes best for sauce, salsa, drying, and canning as the flavor improves with cooking.  This is a unique variety as it does particularly well in greenhouse or hoophouse culture.  I grew these in the greenhouse last year and they definitely out performed the other roma varities I had in the garden.  We dehydrated them and ate them on pizza and salads and dropped into soups all winter.  Indeterminate

Tomato Pearly Pink  This is the first year I'll be growing these beautiful pink cherry tomatoes.  The Baker Creek catalog claims the flavor to be crisp and intense and that they are one of the prettiest they carry and that is saying a LOT considering how many varieties they offer.  The fruit size is large for a cherry.


Tomato Sungold  This has been my standby cherry tomato for years.  These are by far the sweetest tomato out there and the golden orange color is pure summer sunshine.  They are exceptionally sweet dried when they take on the size of a raisin or dried cherry, perfect for adding a taste of summer to winter salads.  Very productive.  Indeterminate.


Tomato Cherokee Purple  This is another on my top 10 list.  The fruit is large and flattened and colored mauve pink with darker shoulders.  Beautiful when cut as the interior ranges from pink and purple to brown to green.  Indeterminate but relatively short vines. 


Tomato Green Grape  Every year I grow Green Zebra and wanted to mix it up this year.  This tomato was bred by the same guy and has a flavor that is equal to if not better than Green Zebra.  Sweet and zingy with a smaller grape size make these more snackable than Green Zebra and if you have two preschoolers in the garden that means less of a choking hazard!!  Lime green inside with chartreuse yellow skin make these very beautiful in your kitchen and on the plate.  Make sure to let ripen fully to avoid sour harvests.  Semi-determinate bushlike habit.


Tomato Orange Banana  In late summer I always have large bowlfuls of tomatoes in the kitchen for snacking and wanted a mix of pink, green, gold, and orange that would be purty to look at y'all!  Orange Banana rounds out my mix and although it isn't ideal for snacking (better for paste, drying, canning, sauces) I couldn't resist it's unique shape and color.  Indeterminate and dependable.






Tomato Granny Cantrell  This large beefsteak tomato won the taste test at the 2006 Baker Creek Heirloom Garden Show... SOLD!  The name comes from the woman who grew this variety in Kentucky year after year saving her own seed.  A true heirloom.  I didn't grow Brandywine this year and can't wait to see how these add up.



Tomato Mountain Magic  Round, bright red salad tomatoes that are resistant to early and late blight and resist cracking.  Very sweet.  This grew crazy well in my garden last year.  Although I love the size and flavor of heirloom slicing tomatoes, having a few workhorses like this are nice because they are just daggone easy to grow!  Similar to the Campari-type tomatoes available at grocery stores but way more flavorful.  All the science and breeding behind this variety certainly ain't for nothin'!  Indeterminate but compact.

Pepper Shishito I learned of this pepper variety last year while visiting a farmer friend in Virginia.  The plants were so cute and compact and LOADED with fruit.  They are all over trendy restaurant menus these days as the sweet thin-walled peppers go perfectly with cocktails.  Just blister them in oil and sprinkle with salt... Voila!  This variety would be well suited to container growing.


A little word about peppers and zone 4... I ain't gonna lie, peppers can be tricky in Vermont as the season is short and not quite hot enough.  I always plant mine in black plastic (which I install a couple weeks ahead of planting to make the soil as hot as possible) and cover with frost protection cloth at summers end to trap as much heat and extend the harvest as long possible. 


Pepper Tabasco  That's right... the true Tabasco pepper that Edmund McIlhenny created his famous sauce from in 1868 on Avery Island, Louisiana.  Grows to 4 feet but probably not so big here in Vermont.  Pick when red for the spiciest peppers.  Also well suited for container growing.

Pepper NuMex Joe E. Parker  This is a thick-walled very prolific Anaheim style pepper.  Perfect for stuffing, roasting, especially grilling.  This pepper is my favorite to grill for fajitas as it has a teeny tiny bit of heat and a delicious flavor.  I harvest when green but peppers do mature to red.  Used in New Mexico for dried pepper wreath making.  I have had great success with these in Vermont the past few years. 

Pepper Ace  This bell pepper does particularly well in cool climates.  Last year's bumpercrop harvest culminated on Labor Day which I spent grilling these for a delicious cold roasted red pepper soup. I will post the recipe when I make it again this late summer.  When left to mature to red the fruit is very sweet.



Pepper Cayenne Andy This is a high yielding mildly spicy cayenne pepper that is perfect for chopping fresh or drying whole.  We have used these all winter in stir-fries and soups.  The mildly spicy flavor is perfect when cooking for a family.  We have had success with building up our little guys' spice tolerance but only to a certain extent! 








Pepper Peach Habanero  Hot Habanero flavor with a pretty coloration.  Plants reach 18".  These are off to a SLOW start in the greenhouse so let's get together and do a dance for the sun and heat to finally reach the Northeast!  I'm hoping these will size up to be sell-able in a month or so.










Pepper Peperone di Cuneo  Italian, sweet, tomato shaped peppers that are very fine flavored.  These thick walled small peppers are perfect for snacking and KIDS LOVE THEM.  

That's all for now folks.  I may have extras of some specialty cutflowers just haven't figured out how ambitious I am going to be this summer with cutflower production this year.  Peace!